BigPixel Photo
We are constantly improving the shooting speed of Big pixel photo creation, picture effects, and speed up the production cycle. At present, there are already drone solutions that are more free to choose the perspective and create the most beautiful city scenery.
BigPixel Video
It was the first technology in the world to merge high-pixel photographs and videos to get people out of the picture. It's a leap in user experience
BigPixel Game
Bigpixel images are inherently fun to find treasures. We design the city's characteristics into treasures. Visitors learn about urban civilization while playing.
BigPixel Media
Bigpixel technology uses the HTML5 technology architecture to quickly spread the butterfly effect on social media. At the same time, there are more than 700,000 fans around the world, and maintain a good cooperative relationship with many media, which will provide customers with cost-effective communication channels.
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